The Design Basics

Wedding Save the Date
5.5" x 4.2" full-color postcard
printed on premium matte cardstock
The Story Behind the Design
Michelle and Alex were friends in high school, but lost touch after graduation. They reconnected and went on a first date more than a decade later.

The couple wanted to include an old photo of them from high school in the design as well as a bit of their sense of humor (i.e. "y'all. like, married-married). The postcard design created a clear call to action that spoke to their unique story without breaking their budget. 
Things to Consider with Postcard Designs
Postcards are good options for save the dates and large mailings, as they are cost-effective to both print and mail. The best postcard designs utilize colorful artwork or large text on the front paired minimal text on the back to leave adequate room for addressing and stamping.
The downside to postcards, however, is that they don't always arrive in great condition without the protection of an envelope. They are not recommended for formal invitations, private information, or critical communications. 
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