Dec. 12, 2022
When I work with couples on their wedding stationary or signage, I’ve noticed that no matter how big or small the wedding, how particular or laid back the couple, there are always at least a few details that they care about very much. If they’re working with Michelle Junot Creative, it’s likely that they care deeply about the wedding invitations, website, or unique touches like a custom logo.​​​​​​​
In the case of my own wedding a few years ago, my husband and I were focused on weaving our story and personalities in as many of the event details as possible. 
Because we got married in 2020, we actually postponed, canceled, and reimagined our wedding several times over. We ended up getting married in a small backyard ceremony in June 2020 and having our large wedding reception in May 2021.
Because our big event was delayed for so long, I found myself fixated on the wedding favors. Now, in the grand scheme of things, this is an insignificant part of a wedding that many couples forego altogether. For us, however, it felt like an opportunity to thank those friends and family who had supported us through the many ups and downs of our wedding planning journey while also sharing my passion for design and our collective humor as a couple.
My husband and I brainstormed together and came up with content for a small collection of greeting cards inspired by our first year of marriage. While many of the cards are a little snarky, we also included a few sincere phrases that we say often to one another like “Love You to the Moon.”  
As a collection, it felt like an authentic peak into our everyday life. 
This project remains a favorite of mine because it so captured our relationship while also ringing true for many other couples (i.e. ask any couple who loads the dishwasher correctly…never disappoints).
The cards were also a huge hit with our guests which made it worth the cost and time for us.
I share this project with you today, because the intention and process behind these greeting cards is why I love design and working with clients. I enjoy working with couples, individuals, and businesses to capture their stories and translate them into a beautiful compositions.
Whether you’re looking for someone to help with your organization’s annual magazine or you want to create unique stationary for your family, Michelle Junot Creative is here to help.
If you’re interested in purchasing any of the greeting cards shown above, you can find them on the MJC Print Shop on Etsy. 
For more information on Michelle Junot Creative's services or the get a free quote on a custom project, contact us today. MJC is currently scheduling clients and projects for February 2023 and beyond.

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