A lot of my design work tends to be more "serious" in nature, whether that's for a nonprofit, small business, or a couple planning their wedding. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite digital pieces from 2018. At the time, I worked for a law school in Baltimore, and 95% of my day was spent working on symposia marketing or fundraising projects. 
In an effort to mix things up, I joined the party planning committee that Christmas season. If you've ever seen The Office, you might have a picture of what that experience was like. I was put in charge of the invitations, and this is what I came up with. To be honest, I spent more time on this invitation than I did on any of the materials I created for that year's biggest event.
And I still love the result:
I keep this design around to remind myself that design can be playful and fun. While I'm not suggested you add chips and dip to your formal wedding invitation, I do encourage all my clients to be open to "out of the box" ideas. When you have time to brainstorm unconventional or even silly ideas, your end project is often that much richer for it. ​​​​​​​
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